Monday, April 21, 2008

Topping off the Counter Top

Whether at a Staging Evaluation or teaching a Home Stage Workshop/Seminar, one of the most common questions I get is - "WHAT ARE THE TRENDS IN COUNTER TOPS?" My reply is always the same - if I'm wearing my Stager's hat I'll tell you "GRANITE-GRANITE-GRANITE," but when wearing my decorator hat I'll tell you "...We're so over GRANITE!"

It's a predicament for those of us that wear more than one hat. As a decorator, it is our job to be privy to what is hip and happenin' in the field, but when it comes to staging a home, we're skilled to what is universally appreciated, valued and accepted.

Top that off, (pun intended-) Here in the Chicago-land area, most established homes have a bit of competition - NEW CONSTRUCTION, - And when it comes to counter tops, 99.998% all of those new homes will have that collectively & universally adored product - GRANITE - So we'd better keep up w/those Joneses.

Although it would be delightful, refreshing and hip and happenin' to recommend, say Corian to a seller, it wouldn't be what is commonly excepted or valued at this time.

So when it comes to counter tops - when you STAGE IT - Say YES to Granite, but when you DECORATE IT - We have lots of options...

WANT THOSE OPTIONS? An attendee from one of my last seminars sent this to me -

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