Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tales of an Interior Stylist

Romancing the Home – A guide on how to fall back in love with your space.

Is your relationship with your rooms in a rut? Are you at odds with your house? If you feel hindered and helpless over the haplessness of your home – Here are some pearls of wisdom which can help mend your broken abode relationship and help regain your home’s amorous disposition.

  • Get over it! - Certain things just can’t be changed, and the more you whine - The less happens. If it’s your home’s architecture that makes you whine – stop the snifflin’ and get over it. Unless you’re ready to knock down walls, add an addition, or just move, you need to come to terms with what you have, and how you can think outside the box to make the space work.

  • Define How You Really Live - Covet the stunning rooms in decorator magazines? Wish you could transport those spaces to our own home? Could you actually live in that room? Be realistic in your decorating goals and lifestyle needs. Instead, be fed by your wanting desire and be inspired by pieces of the space - The delectable color scheme, the lush fabric textures, or the awesome accessory style. Incorporate bits and pieces of the dream, and reinvent or rework them and make them your own.

  • See the Same Old Same Old in a new Light – Sure you’d love to have a new couch, new side board, new whatever… But sometimes the best stuff has been there all along. Take a shopping trip through your own home, and rethink how you could relocate, repaint, update or reupholster your existing belongings first, before you rush out to purchase new.

  • Harmony in Hues – Color is the easiest way of forming a common thread to connect spaces and develop an exquisite space. Pick three, and start creating a recipe for the room with paint color, fabrics, art and accessories.

  • Shake it Baby! - Be opened minded and try something new. Don’t be afraid to marry pieces, colors and styles together that you would have never dared to in the past, or re-think your rules. Although you want to stay true to who you are, change is always good.

  • Understand You’re Limits – Set a budget, a timeline and what you can or can’t do yourself. If you’ve never made your living room livable because you haven’t found time to paint it, realize you need to hire a painter and just get it done. Once you established limits, the project can move forward.

    So - Whether you just want to add a bit of spice back into your space, or are ready for a whole reinvention, hopefully these pointers will have helped with your pursuit of home happiness.
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