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Julea Joseph

Julea Joseph
Hello - I'm Julea


Stylish homemaking shouldn't be out of your reach or cost you a fortune. From entertaining to decorating, home should be celebrated and your special place in this busy world. Join me on my quest to enhance, celebrate and appreciate all things home - from choosing lettuce seeds to that perfect sofa.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

5 Home Staging Tips When Selling in the Winter

If your home is on the market during the winter months, here are a few extra staging tips and ideas to ensure your home will show well during the chilly and sometimes weather challenging season.

Chicago home staging

#1. A Clear Path.  Make sure from curbside to front porch your potential buyers have easy access to your home.  Keep walkways clear of snow and ice. Purchase a non-salt based de-icer that will not leave white residue tracks.

#2. A Shoe Removal Friendly Foyer. Make it easy for people to remove their footwear with seating and a stylish boot tray in the foyer. You don't want the 1st impression to get off on the wrong foot.

#3. Light it up. During the winter months, evening comes early and days may be overcast. Keep your exterior and interior lights on timers so that your home is well lit for showings. Replace light bulbs with a higher wattage and choose a bulb that casts a warm tone.

#4. Bring on the Greens.  With nature on siesta, have a evergreen container garden to greet guests, showcase your porch and to liven up the entry to your home. Inside, pack away the fake floral and replace with potted flowering plants in pretty containers and a few vases of fresh floral.  Fresh always adds a bit of hospitality and creates a cheerful display.

#5. Set a Warm Mood. Give home lookers a sense of cozy by making sure the temperature is at a comfortable setting, rooms look inviting with an added decorative touch of a warm throw, a few extra pillows and the flicker of a few candles. Use battery operated candles which are safe while you are gone for showings.

Julea Joseph
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Great Accessories - Tiered Serving Stands

fall decorating ideas, tips, home accessorizing

I speak often about 'Good Bone' accessories, who's look you can change out with ease.  Accessories that can be used in many ways, swapped or turned into something else and are fundamental pieces in your accessory collection. 

A few months ago, one of my clients was ready to give her kitchen island a fresh new look.  I suggested a tiered serving stand. They come in assorted styles, heights, materials and can be found on-line, in catalogs or at any retailer. These stands are perfect for endless display ideas. They can be used to house small items, display seasonal or hobby finds, or can sweep into service to display cookies, appetizers or more.

Here are a few ideas for displaying:

Home decorating tips

Gardening items in this wooden three tiered stand. Perfect for the gardening hobbyist.

accessories for the holidays

Christmas tinsel and glass ornaments make this stand ready for the holidays. I see it displayed on a foyer table.

Home entertaining tips. holiday

Ready for service. This cute wire stand is displayed with bagels and coffee. Just the right touch for a special breakfast or brunch.

Home bathroom decorating ideas.

For the bathing beauty. Tiered serving stand used for toiletries and soap.  The perfect thing for a visiting guest.

(Pictures collected from Pinterest)

Julea Joseph
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Home Decorating Ideas - The Art of the Mix

Home Decorating tips Chicago
Wouldn't it be pure bliss to have an unlimited budget to make your home lovely.  No regard for the bottom line or being reduced to look at price tags?  Oh joy.  As a Chicago home decorator, interior stylist and stager there is no fun in that scenario!

I love the thrill of the hunt, find euphoria in using what you already have and get giddy using my creativity and cunning ability to reach the same end. Now that's pure bliss.

My job with clients is to know when to spend it and when not to - getting that right mix.  A beautiful home should have a rich collectiveness - A mix of rich with poor, old with new - A recipe that in the end defines the legacy and personality of the homeowner.   My business signature is using what you have, and then moving on from that.  For most of my clients, shopping is not an issue, nor is what they already own - It's the mêlée of pulling it collectively together to distinguish their space and define their style.   Whether they're puzzled on how to make their living room inviting or launching into a remodeling project - Most struggle with knowing how to mix that perfect recipe.
My secret formula is to know when to use it, when to spend it, and how to get the look for less.  The total package has to fit together with your personal taste, style of your home and most importantly - Your Budget!  It doesn't matter if I'm staging your home, helping you decorate for a party or holiday, or consulting on a major renovation - The formula is the same. 

So what's my formula?  How you obtain that perfect recipe?  Here are the three ingredients:
USE IT:   Most of us over the years have accumulated things, whether bought, inherited, or found, we have stuff.   If you take a hard look at your stuff; I guarantee there is treasure galore within your inventory.   Can you repaint, reupholster, and update it?  In another room, would it look better or have better use?  Your old stuff is your legacy, it defines who you are, and if it doesn't, I'll let you know.   As an educated professional, my talent is to be able to identify what can be used or not when it comes to making your spaces beautiful.   Although, most would not cast me to appear on "Antiques Road Show," I'm pretty good at knowing what's worthy, and really good at using it if it fits into the grand plan.
Whether it's a couch, painting or lamp, I'll let you know if it will work, or if it's an undiscovered treasure that we can use "as is," or is worthy of a reinvention.   I did a staging recently and came upon a signed Leroy Neiman print that the homeowner had picked up at a garage sale.  They were going to toss it because the matting was ragged and damaged and the print was falling out of its frame.   After a quick look over and a suggested run to a framing store for a re-mat & tune-up - They'll have a pretty snazzy "real" piece of showcase art! 

SPEND IT:  O.K., even though I'm supposed to be the budget decorator, sometimes you have to spend a bit.  Love that vintage French one-of-a-kind-kind piece, knowing it will be perfect for your awkwardly sized foyer- Entry Table. Go get it!  It will become the showcase to your home.  You'll love looking at it every day and it will define the style of your place.  There has to be expensive in the mix - and there will be a times that spending the big bucks is a worthwhile or part of the grand plan. That stuff may be pricey, but you can fill in the blanks with less expensive or fabulous finds.   
The other piece of SPEND IT has to do with the quality of things.  Sometimes you can't get it for less; sometimes the workmanship upstages the price point. Your inherited Grandma's dining room set may need repair and is a perfect example of the SPEND IT choice you make.  Pair her set with off-the-rack Target window treatments and rods and her set is reduced to a "tired pass-down."  Pair her set with custom one-of-kind window treatments and the set is now upgraded to "antique heirloom."

LOOK FOR LESS:  Getting the LOOK FOR LESS is a two- fold feat.  The 1st feat is to see if you can find the expensive, SPEND IT item for less (you still have to pay a bit of cash.) And the 2nd feat is to have the knack for eyeing that inexpensive item that has the look of expensive.   Shopping expensive is easy; anyone can walk into the Chicago Designer Mart and find fabulous stuff, expensively priced.   Finding its identical twin or a knock-off for a fraction of the price takes talent and an eye.   Getting that look for less, filling in those blanks, makes for that perfect "mix." 
Say you've got a few lovely Sterling silver pieces.  Pair those with a few more you have found at a discount retailer in silver-plate and the plate becomes instantly "Sterling" by association.

The end result is a beautiful home that has the perfect mix...
Julea Joseph
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Don’t Scare Potential Buyers Away When Selling Your Home - Fall Home Staging Tips

Chicago home staging tips, ideas, selling house
(Photo: Source)

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and we’re all feeling the spirit of the season, but you may not realize that it’s you’re home that is scary!  You may think your stuff is wonderful. You may think, “come on, this is how real people live”. You may think, “I’m not changing that to sell my home”. The reality is, you may too be scaring your potential buyers away with the condition of your home. 

When prepping your home for sale, you want to make the home appealing to everyone. You want buyers to picture themselves living in, and seeing the potential of their new home - not leaving and talking about the clown picture collection in your home. That means you need to remove distractions, pack up the really personal stuff, keep it clean and tidy and consider - what may be normal to you, may scare a buyer.

From too personalized collections, too much stuff, to just plain everyday life – When it comes to selling a home, you have to remove these things when selling a home.

Lawn Ornaments/ Overdone Seasonal Décor:  Angels sculptures, crouching bunnies, blow-up Spiders, Hay bale and scarecrow greeters at the door and sneaking gnomes.  Instead, showcase your lovely manicured, mulched and cut lawn. Exterior 1st impressions are a clue of a well maintained and beautiful home.

A Cluttered Foyer:  Your foyer is like a handshake – the introduction to your home. Welcome your potential buyers with hospitality and panache.  A foyer should be spotless, shoeless and has a guest closet that Martha Stewart would swoon over, not the people from TV’s ‘Hoarders’ show.  If you have a foyer table, add a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of wrapped hard candies and your Real Estate agent’s listing materials.

Very Personalized Collections:  Although you may have a passion for clown paintings, taxidermy or Precious Moments figurines - people buying a home may not - and if they do, may get distracted by seeing them.  Collections, especially personalized ones, should be packed up.  Instead, focus on a room’s arrangement; showcase your rooms’ detail, layout and how the potential buyer can use the space.
Chicago home stager, home staging tips
(Photo: Source)

Acres of Family Photos: Too many photos overwhelm, especially the huge family portrait over your fireplace mantle. The psychology of marketing a home for sale is the buyer seeing themselves in your home, not YOU in your home.  A few small frames in a bookcase or on a bedroom dresser are fine, just not on every wall and surface.

Home Staging Chicago, home staging tips and blog

Animal Items: Cat towers in the living room, fish tanks in foyers, cages, beds and exposed litter boxes.  Most people are animal lovers, but not when buying a home. While the home is on the market these items need to be removed or tucked into a remote area.  People respond to the 5 senses when viewing a home - even seeing a cat box that is clean, will make a person scrunch up their nose.
chicago home staging tips and blog

Bathroom Rug Sets: Tank covers, toilet seat covers and small bath area rugs. No need to blanket a bath in fluff.  Showcase your bath’s shiny bright condition by exposing all its shiny clean surfaces and well maintained tile.
Home Staging Tips, Chicago Selling Your Home

Too Many Personal Products:  We all know what happens when we shop at Costco or Sam’s Club.  From bursting linen, bedroom, pantry closets to inside a shower, on top of a counter or dresser and under the sink – too many personal products take up space, make a space look cluttered and tells a story of you and your family.  Instead, organize products in opaque plastic bins or handled baskets that can be tucked away for showings.

Messiness:  You wouldn’t sell your car unwashed and with chicken nuggets in it? So the same goes for your home.  Give your home bath.  Wash the windows, cleaned carpets,  paint if the walls need it and live like Model Home family with it ready-to-show at all times.  Try purchasing some large flip top containers you can have stationed in each room. Use them to tidy up every morning or before showings.

Darkness:  Drawn drapes, burnt bulbs, missing lamps, turned off lighting.  If they can’t see it, why would they buy it?  Light up your home like a beacon.  Get those exterior lights on a timer, open your sheers and blinds, replace and check every bulb in your home and if a room can’t be shown in the evening because there isn’t a lamp in the space – Go buy some.
Julea Joseph
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art on the Cheap DIY - Wallpaper and Walgreens

Home Staging Chicago

Time constraints can be a gift.  It’s amazing what you can drum up when in a jam. I sometimes do my best thinking at four in the morning.   I had a busy day ahead, with client appointments mixed in with home staging shopping. As I mapped out my client/shopping route – I could not factor in a stop at a wallpaper store kind of far away. I needed a roll of wallpaper for some DIY art I was going to make using framed wallpaper. Buy a glassed frame, cut up the paper, stick it in the frame and WAYLA! - Sassy art.  My idea by creating my own was; I could control the size of the art, no lollygagging around shopping for a certain sized art - You control the size.

Tick Tock... I was stuck thinking about the out-of-reach wallpaper and then I got an idea…  What if I just printed off the wallpaper instead of driving to that store?  My mind started spinning and I remembered last time I was in Walgreens I noted they had these cool mega huge printers like fancy print shops. Out came my laptop, I signed into my Walgreens account and looked at my super size printing options.  I had the wallpaper print photo from my presentation design board, so I just uploaded the picture. Next, I just picked my size and ordered two 20"x30" posters. Lucky me, all large prints were 40% off. Cool - total cost $44.00! 

It took all of 5 minutes to complete the order. The prints were ready before I even headed out for the day and I just picked them up on my route! Two poster frames later and here are the results. 

This time, time was on my side.

 Chicago Home Staging

Home Staging DIY

Julea Joseph
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Infographic: Time to Redecorate - DIY or Hire a Designer?

alt="Redecorating Infographic">Instylemodern Infographic
Julea Joseph
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Friday, June 28, 2013

REALTORS who use a HOME STAGER - Are 'STAGED' Themselves.


As a Home Staging business owner, my livelihood is to assist Homeowners and Realtors in the process to best present a home to appeal to the buyer pool. A well staged home offers the best 1st impression both online and in person.  Time and effort have been invested to package the home for optimum appeal by investing in updates and changes to spruced and styled the home from curbside to back fence. The result is a home that showcases its best features and styled to emotionally invite a buyer to see themselves living there.

I made an observation the other day about ALL my Realtor clients - Just like a homeowner who makes the commitment to stage their home, my Realtors have made the commitment to ‘STAGE’ themselves.

Each one has bettered themselves by investing years of educating themselves on all aspects of Real Estate, honed and upgraded their sales, interpersonal and business skills - making everything about them a great 1st impression. Then they take their business to the next level by partnering with a Home Stager. Having a Home Stager on their team does two things. It offers their client the best marketing plan to showcase their property and the staged home itself becomes a reflection of their professional brand. They build a reputation that every home they list will always show its very best.


Back to my observation. A Realtor and I were waiting on a stoop for our 2nd home staging client to greet us. I was raving about how nice the 1st client had been, and inquired how she had gotten the listing.  She answered that the homeowner found her on Zillow by her great reviews, and that the seller had interviewed 4 other Realtors. She was the chosen Realtor because she offered the best marketing plan which too included a professional stager and photographer - Just what the homeowner was looking for!

By setting herself apart by branding her business, she was awarded the listing. By going extra lengths to make her business model the best, by creating the total package, she created optimum appeal for the homeowner to list with her. She is a STAGED Realtor.
Julea Joseph
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to Hook the Perfect Buyer - Using the Home Staging Law of Attraction

A business associate and I were talking the other day about what nice clients she has. Most people would say it's ‘Luck’ that she has great clients, I disagree.  Nice people attract nice people. It’s the law of attraction, which is the belief that “like attracts like.” Also it’s my believe - you have to work at being nice. Nice people always offer up a smile, genuinely care about the person they are interacting with, are good listeners, compliment others and most importantly positive.

You too need to use the Law of Attraction to sell your home.  As a home staging and styling professional, it’s my job to create a strong sense of attraction in a home going on the market.   I strengthen the magnet by helping a homeowner maximize what is great about the home, offer cost effective changes to appeal to that ideal buyer, help them overcome the home’s challenges and style the property in a way that allows the target buyer to see themselves living there.  I elevate the law of attraction and so can you.  

Make a Great 1st Impression. Just like a smile, greet your buyers with a great first impression. Never stage after your home is on the market.  Don’t let a sub-par on-line picture lessen your hard work, and remember, your exterior is as important as your interior.

chicago, interior styling, stager, design
Photo Sources: BHG, Houzz, Pinterest.

Care about What Your Buyer Needs.  The best way to sell your home is to understand what your ideal buyer wants in a home.  Homebuyers are looking to improve what they own now and no buyer today one wants to ‘envision the possibilities,’ they want to see the dream in real time. Offer them a home that gives them their dream.

Palos Park home staging, Julea - Reinventing Space

Complement What is Great.  Your neighborhood, price point and style of your home dictates the driving force of why the potential buyer would like to visit. Every home has fabulous things about it - beautiful custom closets, a stunning backyard, a killer kitchen. Maximize the positives of your home.  A custom closet should look like a magazine advertisement for a custom closet company, a stunning backyard is cut, mulched, mended and accessorized, a killer kitchen is perfect down to the perfectly organized pantry.

Interior Stylist Chicago

Refresh, Repair and Renew.  Homes are lived in by people using them every day are not always updated to the taste of the buyer.  Super clean and de-cluttered are synonymous with selling a home.  A survey conducted by HomeGain  states a seller gets a 403% return on investment by cleaning.  From curbside to back fence a home has to be tidy.  Fix, repair and update your home to make it turn-key for your new buyer.  By listening to statistics, making wise, cost effective changes (keep in mind that your price point dictates the extent of the changes,) you’ll be enhancing the attraction.  

Home staging tips and techniques, Chicago

Create a Positive Home.  Finally, it’s the little things that make people fall in love with a home - a cozy master bedroom, plenty of storage space to grow and that perfect view out the kitchen sink window, that tip a buyer over the edge to buy. If you create a great 1st impression, play up the positives, embrace what the ideal buyer is looking for, and spend the time and effort to prepare a home, a seller will attract the perfect buyer.  Nice people buy nice homes. 

Interior Decorating Chicago

Julea Joseph
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Simple Lessons in Home Staging - Living Room Tips

Home Staging is a the art of styling a home to accomplish two goals.

  1. To showcase the quality and amenities of the home itself.
  2. To offer a window to the possibilities of how a buyer could live in the home.
Home staging is packaging your home so the potential buyer gets a glimpse of how wonderful it would be to live in your home. We all know the old adage about 1st Impressions - let it ring, because you need to make them want what you have! Here are some simple lessons in staging your living room to give a great impression.

Chicago, Interior Design, Styling, Decorating

Choose an on trend color palette that will appeal to buyers and showcases your home's amenities. Tone on tone creates flow and space.

A simple, opened room arrangement explains the room's purpose, yet sells square footage.  

Interior Stylist Chicago Home Staging

Add lifestyle defining accessories to create a story of how one could use the room. Create layers to give the space warmth and character.

home staging palos park, chicago
Make sure to update, uncomplicate and unify interior decorating selections, such as window treatments and hardware.
Model Home Merchandising

Abbreviated doesn't have to be boring.

Home Staging Chicago

These simple lessons in home staging should inspire your vision of the art of home staging.  There is always the option of hiring a  Home Staging professional who can provide you with expert vision, those desired on trend ideas and proper packaging of your home. 

Chicago home staging and interior styling expert Julea Joseph has been helping homeowners, builders and real estate professionals since 1999. Whether you're selling a home, moving in, or in need of a change - She creates the home you imagined.  

Julea Joseph
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Style Your Patio - From Slab to Sensational!

Interior Stylist Chicago, One Day Makeover
Don’t let your back sliding door be the end of your living spaces.  Now that a warmer season is upon us - your patio is the perfect muse for your decorating creativity, and a wonderful expansion to your home’s entertaining square footage. Give your patio a room makeover! There is a bevy of outdoor furnishings, textiles, accessories and lighting to create an ideal outdoor oasis.   With a little professional direction, a bit of creativity and shopping, and clues from your existing “inside” space, the incarnation of your new “living room” is easily fashioned.
  • Start with color. Whether a new palette or a twist from your interior hues – a designated set of colors will help you set a direction for your space, and make gathering your goods a breeze.
  • Anchor the space with a great outdoor rug. Create “walls” by using footed lanterns, screens, large potted plants, or benches. The walls will further help you define your space.
  • Set-up your outdoor room much like you would inside your home, using the same guidelines for flow, function and focal points.  Include all the comforts of home, such as throw pillows, ottomans, candles, art, and of course accessories.
  • Hang a mirror on one of your walls to reflect the beauty of your garden, fountain or focal point. Or use the mirror to mimic a doorway to another space.
Interior Design Chicago, Decorating, Styling, Staging

  • Introduce a water feature.  The fountain will add an element of calm with its sound, refresh the senses with its movement, and mask unwanted noise from nearby traffic or neighbors.
  • If your city code allows, add the element of fire with a chimenea, fire pit or fireplace. A fire element can be a hypnotic focal point to a patio space.
  • Add an array of exterior lighting.  From accent, chandeliers or floor lamps to strings of clear outdoor lights – lighting creates mood, and adds a festive feeling.

The use of stylish details can take a plain concrete outdoor space to a whole new level, transforming your patio from slab to sensational!


Julea Joseph
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Julea's Home Stylist Lessons - Decorating Workshops for Homeowners

home staging, decorating and interior design workshops and training

We are excited to now offer a new series of workshops - 'Julea's Stylist Lessons'. Do you love to decorate, just can't get enough of HGTV, and wish you could get a how-to guide to styling your home? Get ready for a home decorating and staging educational series, created specifically to cater to the design passionate homeowner – YOU!

Home Accessory Workshop

If you love to decorate and want the inside scoop on styling your home - Join Interior Stylist Julea Joseph as she addresses accessorizing your home. Let’s kick off the summer season with an informative and fun workshop on creating fresh updates for your home using accessories - Both inside and out. From making a mantle fabulous, dressing your el fresco table, to Julea’s top 10 accessory ‘musts’ for every abode. This workshop will not only inspire, but show you the fundamental rules of good design.

FEE: $25.00. (Light refreshments served).
Date: Wednesday, June 5th 6:30pm-8:30pm.
Location: ‘Mitchell’s Flowers & Events’ 14309 Beacon Ave - Located in the lovely Orland Park Historical District. Shop in their designer studio and receive an event discount. Space is limited. R.S.V.P. 708.448.7500 To register click on my EVENTS link: 
Julea Joseph
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Monday, April 22, 2013

10 Great Home Decor and Accessories You Should Buy

When styling your home, seek out 'Good Bone' pieces that can transform any space in a big way. These home decor items can be shifted to another room at a whim. They have a timeless design and will have a place in your decor and accessory arsenal for many years. Ten great home decorating pieces that you should always be looking to acquire.

1.)    A CLASSIC SET OF BLACK TURNED CANDLESTICKS/HOLDERS.  Their curves, the color, and their varied height make for a classic lesson in good design.  A nice set of candlesticks can be used in any setting - from al fresco dining to adorning an entryway table.

home accessorizing chicago

2.)    A SILVER TRAY.  Modern or detailed, sterling or silverplate - a silver tray sets a rich stage for any vignette. It works for hosting hand towels and mints in a powder room prepped for a party, to a setting place for business cards, holiday cards or daily mail.
home decorating, styling, home staging chicago

3.)    A PARSONS STYLE CONSOLE TABLE. Simple, timeless chic - this mainstay can slide behind a sofa, in a foyer or can double as a desk.
Home Shopping Services, Chicago interior design

4.) A CHINESE GARDEN STOOL.  These little wonders come in traditional and modernized versions and can be seated anywhere.
Interior Decorating Chicago

5.)     A SET OF NESTING TABLES.  Table chameleons. Can be tucked next to any seating, or be all spread out.
Home Staging Orland Park

6.)    A BOWL SHAPED VASE.   From creating a crafty terrarium to showcasing summer peonies, this vase style will bowl you over with its many uses.

Home Stylist Chicago

7.)    18”x18” SILK COVERED DOWN FILLED PILLOWS. Sized right, organic, textural and totally comfortable.  These pillows can dress up any sofa or chair. 
How to Accesorize

8.)    A 6’x 9’ JUTE RUG.  Rough yes, but in a good way! This style of rug can create the perfect juxtaposition in any space.
Home Staging

9.)   A 'WOW' PIECE OF ART. Whatever your medium, whatever the subject, whatever your style - Every home deserves to have a great piece of Art.
Design Services Palos Park, Illinois

10.) A LARGE, REAL ORCHID.  Easy to take care of, not too pricy and long lasting - Orchids are just beautiful.   Add an orchid on a cocktail table or as a centerpiece and your plain space just got elevated to high style.
Home decor, decorating, design, staging Chicago
White Orchids by Just add Ice Orchids
Julea Joseph
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 Bad Home Accessories You Should Never Buy

Certain home accessories should be left at the store when you are decorating or home staging your home. Let's take a look at what I consider to be the most offensive decor-ruiners.

1.) A 6 foot silk ficus tree from a craft store.

fake, faux, tree, silk

2.) Mass produced art that you see over and over again in every store.
How to choose wall art, accessorizing, interior styling Chicago

3.) Pillows too big for the seating you are buying them for.

home decorating, accessorizing, styling, staging with pillows

4.)    Anything you would consider putting on top of your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen decorating, accessorizing, design, Chicago

5.) An area rug just right for the width of the cocktail table rather than the conversation area.
rug, room size, wrong

6.) A large Plain Jane framed mirror for over your fireplace mantle or sofa.

Accessorizing fireplace mantles

7.) Really short lamps for your nightstands next to your pillow top bed.

master bedroom decorating

8.)    Ivy garland to adorn or drape a piece of furniture.

Family room decorating

9.)    Your 36th photo frame for family pictures.

Accessorizing with family photos, decorating, styling, home staging Chicago

10.) Anything that has a moose, bear or angel theme.

Home accessorizing, design, decorating, home staging Chicago

Source:(All images found on Google Images.)

Julea Joseph
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