Friday, June 28, 2013

The Beautifully Staged Realtor - Are You One Too?

I made an observation the other day about all my Realtor clients - Just like a homeowner who makes the commitment to stage their home, my Realtors have taken the time to ‘stage’ themselves.

Chicago Home Staging Company

As a home staging business, my job is to make a home beautiful and create the total package. A beautifully staged home offers a great 1st impression.  Time and effort has been invested to package the home for optimum appeal, showcase the finer points and is spruced and styled from curbside to back fence.

I am fortunate to work with Realtors who have gone the lengths to create a total package with optimum appeal.   By package, I mean, themselves, the home, the sales process, and the interaction with the customer. They are top of their profession pros, who do much more than offer a house for sale. They make every step of the selling process a positive experience for the customer.  They have beautifully packaged themselves, along with the home.  They have invested years of educating themselves on all aspects of Real Estate, honed their sales, interpersonal and business skills - making everything about them a great 1st impression.  Then they take their business to the next level, by offering their client the best marketing plan to showcase the home for sale.  That staged home not only makes it more marketable, it too is an extension of their total package.

Recently,  a Realtor and I were waiting for our 2nd client to greet us, I was raving about how nice the 1st client  had been, and inquired on how she got the listing.  She answered that the homeowner found her on Zillow by her great reviews, and that the seller had interviewed 4 other Realtors. She was the chosen Realtor because she offered in her marketing plan, a professional stager and photographer - Just what the homeowner was looking for. Well how do you like that?  By setting herself apart by offering a total package, she was awarded the listing.

By going extra lengths to make her business better, by creating the total package, she created optimum appeal for the homeowner to list with her. She is a beautifully staged Realtor.
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