Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holiday Home: Start You Amaryllis Bulbs Now For Christmas Blooms!

Holiday Home
Amaryllis Centerpiece (photo: Country Living)
If you want to have some beautiful Amaryllis blooms for this year's Christmas season, start growing them now. I love having fresh or live floral in my home rather than silk or faux. These little wonders which are easy to grow - pack a huge decorative punch and create just the right ambiance for a beautifully dressed holiday home. 
You can buy Amaryllis bulbs in a nice little kit, complete with soil and a pot, or if you have just a bit of a green thumb - buy loose bulbs which you can plant collectively in a large vase or bowl.  You can purchase the kits at any home improvement store and bulbs at a garden center.  A collection of bulbs will create a lovely centerpiece or entry statement maker. A single bloom is lovely on a counter, mantle or part of a tablescape. When to start? Below is a planting and bloom guide to help you determine when to get indoor gardening.
Holiday Home
Amaryllis Bloom Chart (photo: Source)
I added a few more pictures to get you inspired to get a bit of dirt under your nails and celebrate the season with Amaryllis. I too started a Pin Board on Pinterest with more ideas: AMARYLLIS CHRISTMAS

Holiday Home
Amaryllis Tablescape (photo: Southern Living)
Holiday Home
Amaryllis in Mercury Glass Vase (photo: BH&G)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tastemaker Color Combos for Your Collected Room

Photo: Chairish

Here at Reinventing Space our philosophy is simple - Make the most of what your have, create a home with soul, a layered space with a mix of old and new, rich with poor and an infusion of color, style and a bit of the unexpected.

If you are ready to rev up your home environment, especially with the entertaining season just around the corner - color is a great launching point to inspire you to swap out, up-style and redesign your space - A simple style recipe to add a whole lot of WOW.

Advice and suggestions flourish this time of year, but here is one that offers sound advise to those of us that are all about the 'art of the mix.'

If you haven't already checked them out, discover the uber cool on-line resale shopping hub for home furnishings/decor called Chairish. A marketplace to buy, sell or be inspired.  Their tastemaker team are pros at forecasting on-trend and super chic ideas to re-style your abode.

I love how they research, then curate their current product line.

Be inspired and check out their latest BLOG post "5-Colorful Couples to Invite into Your Home".

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BUDGET Home Staging Ideas - A Bedroom With 5 Easy Pieces

Do you have a need to create, stage & style a bedroom in an empty room? Think you need to go out a buy and lug in heavy furniture? Think again. Today's home staging & styling job was for a client that enlisted me to to do a budget bedroom staging. Here's how I did it.
  1. The bed is the focal point of a room, so start here.  My client owns this great air bed that basically is a rolling suitcase and you unzip, plug in and within minutes POOF turns into a queen size bed.  Frontgate has a few to choose from.
  2. Head Board. The head board are 2 plastic decorative fencing panels from Home Depot. I know, I know, super clever, weigh nothing and you can attach them to the wall with a nail. Instant headboard. Acurio Panels from Home Depot. 
  3. Bedding. A bed should be lush & lovely.  Chic bedding, fluffy pillows, cute accent pillows -and always throw a throw at the end of the bed for a bit of interest and texture. I found this great microfiber duvet set (almost no-iron) at HomeGoods and bird accent pillow fromMichaels. (had the shell pillow and throw in my staging stock pile.) 
  4. The Night stand is a butler tray table. A butler tray is meant to be mobile, so easy open and close. This is a great what I call "Good Bones" piece of furniture.  The tray comes off and the base just folds up.  I found a close one on Amazon: Crosley Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Butler Tray 
  5. Lamp.  Just make sure is substantial enough to work with the scale of the bed.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Home Decorating Ideas - Blue & Orange

A great color pairing - Blue & Orange.  Sophisticated, cool and grounded, BLUE mixes with a spicy, lively and warm ORANGE. During a quick trip to order a few chairs at Pier One today - I paused at an entry display that caught my eye.  As I waited for the sales person to check on stock, I browsed the store combining the hues.
Coral Chambray Napkin

Indigo Floral Dinnerware

Carmilla Dining Chair - Blue Damask

Faux Croc Persimmon Tray

Lexford Chest - Navy

Aster Quatrefoil Tile Pillow

Petals Lumbar Pillow - Orange

Aster Jacobean Pillow

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