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Julea Joseph

Julea Joseph
Hello - I'm Julea


Stylish homemaking shouldn't be out of your reach or cost you a fortune. From entertaining to decorating, home should be celebrated and your special place in this busy world. Join me on my quest to enhance, celebrate and appreciate all things home - from choosing lettuce seeds to that perfect sofa.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

5 Furniture Pieces You Should Take With You When You Move

5 Furniture Pieces You Should Take With You When You Move

As an interior stylist, I get to work with clients moving out, moving in, or just wanting a change to their home environment. Many times, clients are not sure which furniture pieces should make the transition to a new home. Whether you are downsizing, upsizing or even furniture shopping,  these 5 furniture classics can be used in just about any room and for multiple purposes - and I’ll tell you why.

#1 The Drop Leaf Table. If you have been lucky enough to have inherited one, keep it in your grip, and pass it down to our favorite person. A drop-leaf table is a table that has a fixed section in the center and hinged sections (leaf) on either side that can be folded down. Perfect for any space, it can serve in a foyer or behind a sofa. It's the perfect dinette table tucked into a niche with one side down or it can be fully extended to host a evening dinner. If you don’t like the finish, paint it.
Drop Leaf Table Decorating Ideas (Photos - Source)

#2 . Parson Chairs. Today's chairs are inspired by a 1930’s designer at Parsons School of design in Paris. Usually upholstered, these classic, all-purpose chairs can be used in a dining room as side or head chairs, moved to a living room for extra seating, sit solo in a foyer or bedroom, and can be reupholstered in infinite ways - skirted, unskirted, slipcovered, etc.

Parsons Chair Ideas  (Photos - Source)

#3. Parsons Tables. These beautiful, clean lined, modern tables can serve as dining, console, cocktail or side tables. It’s perfect, simple design, (also created at the Parsons School of design in Paris) can slip, seamlessly into any style or home environment.  

Parsons Tables

#4 The Wingback Chair. Back in the no central heating days, they were used to warm yourself by the fire and the ‘winged’ back kept away the drafts by embracing you within the chair. Today they come in a variety of styles, materials and shapes, but always in that classic shape. A wingback chair can adjust to any room from dining to master, in singles or pairs.

5 furniture pieces you should take with you when you move
Wingback Chair Decorating Ideas (Photos - Source)

#5 A Trunk. Every ancestor had them in their homes. They moved with them, holding what they most treasured. The trunk is a symbol of the concept of moving. Instant conversation makers, whether new or old, because of what they stand for - trunks are always a furniture focal point. They can be used for storage at the end of bed, as a table in a living space, in a mudroom or back entrance. Trunks can be refreshed with paint, taller by adding 4 legs, and protected with a glass top. You should move with yours as well.

5 Furniture Pieces You Should Take With You When You Move
Trunk Decorating Ideas (Photos - Source)

Join me for my next post on  5 Accessories you need to take with you when you move!

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Julea Joseph

Friday, October 6, 2017

Don’t Scare Potential Buyers Away When Selling Your Home - Home Staging Tips

Don’t Scare Potential Buyers Away When Selling Your Home - Home Staging Tips

Selling your home ideas
Don't Scare Potential Buyers (Photo: Source)

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and we’re all feeling the spirit of the season, but you may not realize if selling your home - that your decorating and living choices are the ones that are scary!  You may think your stuff is wonderful. You may think, “come on, this is how real people live”. You may think, “I’m not changing that to sell my home”. The reality is, you may be scaring your potential buyers away with the condition of your home. 

When prepping your home for sale, the goal is to make the home appealing to everyone. You want buyers to picture themselves living in, and seeing the potential of your home - not leaving and labeling your home the clown picture collection home. 

From too personalized collections, too much stuff, to just plain everyday life – When it comes to selling a home, you have to remove these things when selling a home. That means you need to remove distractions, pack up the too personal stuff, keep it clean and tidy and consider - what may be normal to you, may scare a potential buyer.

Lawn Ornaments/ Overdone Seasonal Décor:  Angels sculptures, crouching bunnies, blow-up Spiders, Hay bale and scarecrow greeters at the door and sneaking gnomes.  Instead, showcase your lovely manicured, mulched and cut lawn. Exterior 1st impressions are a clue of a well maintained and beautiful home.

A Cluttered Foyer:  Your foyer is like a handshake – the introduction to your home. Welcome your potential buyers with hospitality and panache.  A foyer should be spotless, shoeless and has a guest closet that Marie Kondo would swoon over, not the people from TV’s ‘Hoarders’ show.  If you have a foyer table, add a vase of fresh flowers and your Real Estate agent’s listing materials.

Collections:  Although you may have a passion for clown paintings, taxidermy or Precious Moments figurines - people buying a home may not - and if they do, may get distracted by seeing them.  Collections, especially personalized ones, should be packed up.  Instead, focus on a room’s arrangement; showcase your rooms’ detail, layout and how the potential buyer can use the space.

Acres of Family Photos: Too many photos overwhelm, especially the huge family portrait over your fireplace mantle. The psychology of marketing a home for sale - is allowing the buyer seeing themselves in your home, not you and you and you in the home.  A few small frames in a bookcase or on a bedroom dresser are fine, just not on every wall and surface.

Animal Items: Cat towers in the living room, fish tanks in foyers, cages, beds and exposed litter boxes.  Most people are animal lovers, but not when buying a home. While the home is on the market these items need to be removed or tucked into a remote area.  People respond to the 5 senses when viewing a home - even seeing a cat box that is clean, will make a person scrunch up their nose.

Bathroom Rugs: Tank covers, toilet seat covers and small bath area rugs. No need to blanket a bath in fluff.  Showcase your bath’s shiny bright condition by exposing all its shiny clean surfaces and well maintained tile.

Too Many Personal Items:  We all know what happens when we shop at Costco or Sam’s Club.  From bursting linen, bedroom, pantry closets to inside a shower, on top of a counter or dresser and under the sink – too many personal products take up space, make a space look cluttered and tells a story of you and your family. Instead, organize products in opaque plastic bins or handled baskets that can be tucked away for showings.

Messiness:  You wouldn’t sell your car unwashed and with chicken nuggets in it? So the same goes for your home.  Give your home bath.  Wash the windows, cleaned carpets,  paint if the walls need it and live like Model Home family with it ready-to-show at all times.  Try purchasing some large flip top containers you can have stationed in each room. Use them to tidy up every morning or before showings.

Darkness:  Drawn drapes, burnt bulbs, missing lamps, turned off lighting.  If they can’t see it, why would they buy it?  Light up your home like a beacon.  Get those exterior lights on a timer, open your sheers and blinds, replace and check every bulb in your home and if a room can’t be shown in the evening because there isn’t a lamp in the space – Go buy some.
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Julea Joseph

Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Hook the Perfect Buyer - Using the Home Staging Law of Attraction

How to Hook the Perfect Buyer - Using the Home Staging Law of Attraction

A business associate and I were talking the other day about what nice clients she has. Most people would say it's ‘Luck’ that she has great clients, I disagree.  Nice people attract nice people. It’s the law of attraction, which is the belief that “like attracts like.” Also it’s my believe - you have to work at being nice. Nice people always offer up a smile, genuinely care about the person they are interacting with, are good listeners, compliment others and most importantly are positive.

You too need to use the Law of Attraction to sell your home.  As a home staging and styling professional, it’s my job to create a strong sense of attraction in a home going on the market.   I strengthen the magnet by helping a homeowner maximize what is great about the home, offer cost effective changes to appeal to that ideal buyer, help them overcome the home’s challenges and style the property in a way that allows the target buyer to see themselves living there.  I elevate the law of attraction and so can you.  

Make a Great 1st Impression. Just like a smile, greet your buyers with a great first impression. Never stage after your home is on the market.  Don’t let a sub-par on-line picture lessen your hard work, and remember, your exterior is as important as your interior.

Home Staging #Reinventing Space
Photo Sources: BHG, Houzz, Pinterest.

Care about What Your Buyer Needs.  The best way to sell your home is to understand what your ideal buyer wants in a home.  Homebuyers are looking to improve what they own now and no buyer today one wants to ‘envision the possibilities,’ they want to see the dream in real time. Offer them a home that gives them their dream.

Home Staging #Reinventing Space

Complement What is Great.  Your neighborhood, price point and style of your home dictates the driving force of why the potential buyer would like to visit. Every home has fabulous things about it - beautiful custom closets, a stunning backyard, a killer kitchen. Maximize the positives of your home.  A custom closet should look like a magazine advertisement for a custom closet company, a stunning backyard is cut, mulched, mended and accessorized, a killer kitchen is perfect down to the perfectly organized pantry.

Home Staging #Reinventing Space

Refresh, Repair and Renew.  Homes are lived in by people using them every day are not always updated to the taste of the buyer.  Super clean and decluttered are synonymous with selling a home.  A survey conducted by HomeGain  states a seller gets a 403% return on investment by cleaning.  From curbside to back fence a home has to be tidy.  Fix, repair and update your home to make it turn-key for your new buyer.  By listening to statistics, making wise, cost effective changes (keep in mind that your price point dictates the extent of the changes,) you’ll be enhancing the attraction.  

Home Staging #Reinventing Space

Create a Positive Home.  Finally, it’s the little things that make people fall in love with a home - a cozy master bedroom, plenty of storage space to grow and that perfect view out the kitchen sink window, that tip a buyer over the edge to buy. If you create a great 1st impression, play up the positives, embrace what the ideal buyer is looking for, and spend the time and effort to prepare a home, a seller will attract the perfect buyer.  Nice people buy nice homes. 

Home Staging #Reinventing Space

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Julea Joseph

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Simple Lessons in Home Staging  - Living Room Tips

Simple Lessons in Home Staging - Living Room Tips

Home Staging is a the art of styling a home to accomplish two goals.

  1. To showcase the quality and amenities of the home itself.
  2. To offer a window to the possibilities of how a buyer could live in the home.
Home staging is packaging a home to sell, so the potential buyer gets a glimpse of how wonderful it would be to live in it. We all know the old adage about 1st Impressions - let it ring, because you need to make them want what you have! Here are some simple lessons in staging your living room to give a great impression.

home staging paint colors

Choose an on trend color palette that will appeal to buyers and showcases your home's amenities. Tone on tone creates flow and space.

home staging room arrangement

A simple, opened room arrangement explains the room's purpose, yet sells square footage.  

Home staging tips

Add lifestyle defining accessories to create a story of how one could use the room. Create layers to give the space warmth and character.

Home Staging tips
Make sure to update, uncomplicate and unify interior decorating selections, such as window treatments and hardware.

Model Home Merchandising

Abbreviated doesn't have to be boring.

Home Staging Chicago
These simple lessons in home staging should inspire a vision of the art of home staging.  There is always the smart choice of hiring a Home Staging professional who can provide you with expert vision, those desired on trend ideas, and proper packaging of your home. 

Chicago home staging and interior styling expert Julea Joseph has been helping homeowners, builders and real estate professionals since 1999. Whether you're selling a home, moving in, or in need of a change her boutique design business, Reinventing Space offers design for every chapter of home.

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Julea Joseph