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Julea Joseph

Julea Joseph
Hello - I'm Julea


A stylish home shouldn't be out of your reach or cost you a fortune. From entertaining to decorating, home should be celebrated and your special place in this busy world. Join me on my adventures to enhance, celebrate and appreciate all things home.


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Chair Garden 101 - How to repurpose an old chair into a container garden

Repurposing an old chair into a container garden is a perfect way to add interest to your front porch, deck or garden spot beyond the typical potted planter. My friends know me, so it was no surprise when my pal Diana opened her car trunk and handed me an old iron ice cream parlor chair. Worn, peeling white paint, and darling; perfect for a chair garden.  As soon as I saw the missing circular seat, I knew that I could pop a pre-made wire hanging plant basket into that hole, and here's how I did it.

Chair Garden 101

#1 Gather Your Ingredients:
-Zip ties to secure the basket, scissors for snipping zip ties, opening soil bags and trimming your foliage. 
-Wire hanging plant container measured for the diameter of the seat.
-Coco liner (if it didn't come with one).  Get a spare if you want to add a protective layer to the top of the soil.
-MiracleGro 'Moisture Control' potting mix. A good all around potting mix.
-Watering can and water.
-Assorted seasonal flowering annuals. I chose late summer/fall finds at my local Lowes. Look for a few tall, a few bushy and then a trailer -one that will spill over. 

container garden
Gather your ingredients to create a CHAIR GARDEN

#2. Pop in wire hanging plant container and secure with zip ties, Snip ends. Line container with coco liner.

Chair Garden and wire hanging basket
Secure wire basket to Chair with zip ties

#3. Add soil to the container, fill half way up. You can add more as you add your plants. 
Fill halfway up with potting soil

#4 Add in plants, taller in back, bushy in the middle and add the trailer to the front.  Fill in soil and then give your creation a good, long shower of water. 

After arranging, water CHAIR GARDEN well

I like to purchase a 2nd coco liner and shred it and tuck it around all the plantings.  This will keep the moisture in, protect the soil from spilling out when watering and also add a decorative look. You can also use store bought moss for the same effect.

container garden instructions
A final layer of shredded coco liner completes the CHAIR GARDEN

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4 FALL Re-Style Tips for HOME

Fall Decorating Ideas, Re-Style ideas for your Home

Mornings are a bit cooler, the kids are back to school, and you look at your calendar and there are only 113 days till Christmas!  Summer takes its toll on your home interiors.  Perhaps you have piles of papers in the dining room, a spooky dust covered living room, and the family room’s pillows have been over loved by both the kids and your dog.
A fall home decorating refresher is the perfect remedy for your home’s style malaise.  It’s time to add a new furniture arrangement, an accessory shake-up, and some strategic power shopping to put a bit of zing into your home spaces.
So where to start? I offer 4 tips in this post to remedy your home’s neglected look. 
4 ideas to decorate your home for fall
#1  Assess your Stuff.  Take a hard look at your stuff.  Move room to room and look at your furnishings, lamps, accessories and art.  Could some of these pieces be swapped to another room, be reinvented, repurposed or removed? 
  • In our example, a large painting from the living room was swapped. The scale, colors and style looked great over the couch.
#2 A New Position. As the seasons change, so should your room's arrangements. Fireplaces in the summer - who cares; but as the cooler weather creeps in, you'll want to soon be curled up next to your fireplace with a cup of hot coffee and a cozy throw.  A mantle refresher will give new life to your fireplace and a new furniture arrangement will give you a fresh perspective and a new view whether your room's emphasis is a fireplace, TV or just to create a new seating for conversation.
  • In our example, a new position for the chair, and an added ottoman from another room creates a new arrangement for the space. The brown ottoman pulls the color down from the paneled ceiling and provides a place to put up your feet.
#3 Tactile Textiles. Nothing give a space a new style than textiles. A pop of a new color in new drapery panels, pillows, or a throw will instantly up a room's WOW rating.
  • In our example, we did some strategic power shopping at Tuesday Morning  and added colorful drapery panels and just in for fall, seasonal hued pillows to give the space an update.
#4 Accent with Accessories. Whether you shop your own home, or pick up something new, accessories will refine and finish a space.  
  • In our example we added a new rug to add that cozy layer for cooler days.  The fun ombre indoor/outdoor rug  from RugStudio was selected on-line. The vintage vases, tray and books were shopped from other areas of the home, and finish the room's new look.
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3 Steps to Reviving your Kitchen!

So many people want to reinvent their kitchens. We imagine our kitchens looking fresh and fabulous - injected with a dose of decorating Botox.  We’ve all done it - scoured Pinterest boards for hours, endlessly Googled‘Easy Cabinet Painting Techniques’  and priced out dreamy new appliances.  So when the appliance company Big Chill, presented their challenge to create a style board about designing a kitchen around their stove line - I was all over the idea because I too am the gal Googling. Did Big Chill know that I have coveted their appliance line for years, loving their Retro inspired products in trend forward colors? Why? My Mom’s turquoise stove! I grew up in a household that sported a turquoise stove and that stove moved to 3 homes, helping make endless meals, right through my college years.  My Mom loved that stove, so this kitchen challenge post will be inspired selfishly and collectively with Mom in mind.
Rather than creating a new kitchen, my vision was reviving an existing kitchen, because after all that is my interior design philosophy for my design business REINVENTING SPACE .My motto is "Let’s use what you have 1st by reinventing, changing and updating, then spend it where you need to with something you really love, followed by filling in the blanks with cost effective solutions and finds in your personal style."

Reinvent your existing kitchen
STEP 1 - USE WHAT YOU HAVE 1ST: So let’s start with what can be reinvented, rather than buying new - Cabinets. We can easily and effectively repaint our kitchen cabinets today using the proper primer and paint. Take the reinvention a step further and remove a few upper cabinet doors and paint the interior a fun accent color. My SHERWIN WILLIAM’s rep. and friend, Annmarie Fabbi has 2 great water based Sherwin Williams products to use. Here's her suggestion on repainting your cabinets. Spend a bit of time sanding the original top coat of your cabinets to remove the varnish of your current finish.  Then using Sherwin William's EXTREME BOND primer,  one or two coats of primer to seal in any left behind varnish.  Make sure to take a ultra fine sanding paper and sand any bubbles between coats. Then use the PRO CLASSIC paint in the color of your choice, and repeat the process.
STEP 2 - ADD SOMETHING NEW THAT YOU LOVE:You will love Big Chill’s ‘Retro’ stove in 'Turquoise'- a kitchen statement maker and a cook’s stove. It's not only the on-trend in the most popular current decorating color, but a work horse appliance as well. Just like a great room layout, you want a focal point in your kitchen too - This range is the decorating emphasis and the jumping off point for the kitchen's design inspiration.
STEP 3 - FILL IN THE BLANKS: New counters in cost effective laminate.  Yes, laminate.  If you haven’t looked at laminate, you need to. 21st century technology has make this old school kitchen mainstay, a smart alternative to expensive stones. You can get your coveted Carrara marble look, even an undermount sink with designer counter edges at a fraction of the cost. In my Retro revival, the counters have WILSONART  'Betty',  a hip, vintage pattern with turquoise, gray and orange.  The lighting choice, a nod to my hometown of Chicago by BARN LIGHT ELECTRIC’S - 'Chicago Vintage' industrial chain hung pendant in gray. Further filling in the blanks with cost effective solutions, from bar stools to art - one-of-a-kind finds bought from CHARISH - a cool on-line source for upscale resale.

So there you have it - a simple three step process to revive your kitchen!
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DESIGN to SELL: Vacant to HOME

Vacant homes don't show well.  Whether they are old, new, renewed, renovated or in great shape, they sit an average of 166 days empty. Staged, they sell in a month or less. WHY? Because people buy homes that speak to their hearts. A potential buyers doesn't look at a living room and say, yes, I would like to buy this home because the room is 14x19'.  They want to walk into a space and see themselves living there - People buy homes because they fall in love with them. They want a story of HOME.

Here's a cute house that we took from vacant to home.

By staging a vacant home, you create a guideline of how the home can be used and celebrated.  From furniture layout, function to styling - A potential buyer becomes part of the story and see themselves in the home - They become part of the story of HOME.
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