Tales of an Interior Stylist
I'm Julea Joseph, a home stylist and owner of a Chicago area boutique design business, Reinventing Space. I'm a homemaker, wife, mom and manager of a menagerie of pets - Including a coop of backyard chickens. When not working, you'll find me in my veggie garden, cooking or doing something home related.  I've had my own interior design business for 16 years - I've been featured on HGTV, in a bunch of newspapers and other media/press and even have a local cable cooking/entertaining TV show (think Wayne's World meets Martha...)

My philosophy is simple - Celebrate your home and make it stylish and fun. A beautiful home isn't out of your reach and wonderful design doesn't have to cost you fortune! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to visit my business site: Julea.com, email/call me directly at Julea@Julea.com, 708.448.7500.

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