Saturday, February 16, 2008

In a Pinch with Leechey Labels? - Use PAM

A new added product to my Interior Redesign/Home Staging "Bag 'o' Tricks" will include a can of PAM cooking spray.

  • I film monthly this little local cable cooking/entertaining show (which I affectionately call 'The Wayne's World of Cooking Shows,') and was preparing for the shoot yesterday. I had purchased new glassware for the tropical table setting, and was soaking the glasses in the sink - I was going for a whole "Wish I was at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean - Instead of Here" look for the show.

With 45 minutes till the crew showed up, I was Red Bulling through my kitchen prepping for the show. With no time to waste, I pulled those glasses out of the water filled sink thinking that the labels would just slip off, only to find them firmly stuck to the bottom of the glasses like leeches on an Explorer's leg in the Amazon.

With a clock ticking down, my kitchen not in order, no lip stick applied, and those labels stuck - I reached for the closest thing to me - PAM.

With a little squirt, I got an end finally lifted up, and to my shock those puppies came right off. With a second squirt and some elbow grease, the layer of adhesive came off too.
I kissed my can of PAM, which reminded me I needed to apply that coat of lip stick, and put the glassware on the table.

The filming went off w/out a hitch, my table was a hit, I had lip stick on for the filming - A can of PAM - Saved the day!

--Post Note: Shopping Explorers BEWARE - Tuesday Morning has discovered a pricing label that defies all physics - It is made of some sort of plastic that is impervious to water, and has an adhesive bond that can compete with those crazy commercials for bonding materials that you can pull trucks with...

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