Friday, June 13, 2008

Treasuring Your Living Room

Tales of an Interior Stylist
"The Quest for Purposeful Space - Treasuring Your Living Room"

As an interior stylist and decorator that uses what my clients already own; I get giddy at the great horizontal planes of a bare cocktail table and ecstatic at the sight of a long forgotten closet filled with your Aunt Millie's inherited treasures. Much like Indiana Jones, with treasure map in hand, and trusty whip fixed at hip, bound for another adventure, I look at ill used spaces of your home and forgotten accessories with the same gusto and zest as Indy. Instead of a treasure map or whip, I've got furniture sliders and a hammer.
The quest for a purposeful living room - one that guests and family to actually walk into seems to be a desired treasure just out of reach. Looking for clues to help create a space that beckons your guests to enter, has purpose and reflects your personal style? - Here are some tips to help with your quest for a treasured Living Room.
•·Make a Map: Any good adventure requires a map. Whether drawn, written, scrap booked, or all the above - Map out architectural elements, create an inventory of the current or needed furnishings and accessories, and define the function and purpose of the room.
•·Keep Your Lifestyle Compass Handy: Although you may have a perfect vision of the space - be realistic. Your three boys under 10 and a rambunctious golden retriever may curtail your dream room and undermine your family happiness. Understand your lifestyle first before committing to the vision. Remember, the days of fussy formal living rooms are passé. Seek a space readied for lively conversations, music, reading or games.
•·Hunt & Seek: With map and lifestyle compass in hand, if you don't have it - find it. Seeking a curl-up-cozy living room for your book club reads? That languishing French settee in the spare room may be prized booty. Looking for themed accessories for your space styled for musical endeavors? Captured second-hand sheet music may be perfect wall art once creatively framed and hung. Want a large cocktail table to display collections? Could a second-hand dining table be repurposed by cutting the legs to a shorter length?
•·Forge your Path: Don't like the fabric on the settee, or the dull color on the walls? Don't let an obstacles defer your quest. Break new ground with a fresh coat of paint, or have that settee professionally reupholstered in a comfy and cleanable chenille that will satisfy your style yet will hold up to kids and pets.
•·Be Careful of Quick Sand: Don't get mired in tiny details such as making sure a vase, art or pillow will match perfectly. Rather, release yourself from perfection and gather pieces that you're just drawn to, have a special sentimental meaning or will unexpectedly evoke conversation. These are finds that will do the same for family and visitors too.
•·Stay on the Trail: If you stay true to your vision and refer to the map, your fortune will be within reach. In the end you'll have a room that beckons visitors to enter, family will have a purposeful space that can be a haven to enjoy, and you'll reap the bounty of a happy home - The true golden treasure.
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