Tuesday, July 1, 2008

From Languishing to Lovely & SOLD!

Just Closed ...
This 1.5 Million Dollar home had been on the market for just over the 2007 year. In a tony Chicago-land suburb, this was 1 of 6 new homes for sale on the block.
In 3 months, this now lovely went from languishing to SOLD SOLD SOLD.

-Empty homes struggle to find an identity that a buyer can emotionally connect to.

-Although it had magnificent custom amenities, a great location, & floor plan, it felt cold and uninviting.

  • AFTER staging
  • -By choosing furnishing in-tune to the products of the home (in this case the lighting finish color & cabinet wood tone,) colorful home's style appropriate accents, and soft window treatments (a perfect foil for the tile floors -) The space goes from empty - TO A HOME.
-The beautiful selling features, neutral move-in ready color palette, are enhance, improved and inviting -THE BUYER MAKES A CONNECTION.

In today's market, no matter how beautiful, how custom, or a tony the location every home needs bit of staging.

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