Sunday, June 6, 2010

2011 Color & Trend Forecast 2011 #2

The Good Old Days...
Classics never go out of style and watch for the resurrection of some old favorite: From plaids, to forest greens to walnut and pecan furnishings – Retro has never looked so good. Because of the economy and world events, people want to look to the past and reminisce of the good old days… a sense of certainty that previous decades – although they were not free from struggle, manage to make it through & succeed in the end. The color Association translates this with bright, basic colors – Such as Green, Brown, Red and Orange; hues, found typically in vintage wares. The trend curve will explore the 1940’s with seersuckers, cable knots, wools and tweeds. Burberry’s trademarked pattern in tones of tan, black and red is making a resurgence, as well as aviator glasses, bomber jackets and classic art. Ralph Lauren just introduced a new line of "Lauren" furnishings.

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