Thursday, March 8, 2012

House Staging your Home

This Chicago home staging in an occupied home was the perfect recipe for a beautiful, sell-able home.  The paint colors were great, furnishings fine, but this space seldom used, became the drop spot for stuff... With a lovely sun room off one side, a focal point fireplace and plenty of room for friends and family, this space needed to be a Family Room.

BEFORE: Seldom used rooms in occupied homes sometime become a drop-off place for stuff... When selling, every space has to look fabulous, have purpose, showcase its best points and invite the buyer in!

AFTER: A family room revealed! From a lovely layout with proper flow, an invitation to conversation, and highlighted fireplace - This now market ready family hub is ready to attract a buyer and function while on the market!


1. Clear the clutter.  Remove EVERYTHING from this room before you arrange and style.
2. Find the good stuff.  We retrieved products that we thought fit best in the room, appealed to the ideal target buyer, helped define the room and showcased the best features.
3. Arrange for walkways. With multiple entries to this room - Sun room to left, garage to the right and staircase behind - The furnishing welcome in the buyer, and showcase clear walking patterns.
4. Light it right.  In a darker room, make sure that there is plenty of light to illuminate - Remove window treatments, upgrade bulbs, add lighting and use furniture pieces that light-up.
5. Simple Style - When staging a room, a few well placed accessories bring a sense of continuity and comfort.  From pillows, to scaled walled art, styling the room is an important component.
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