Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Home Staging “Musts” in This Market

In today's buyer's market, unless you present your home as the best product - You've just sold the competition.

1  Create a Turn-Key Home - From curbside to back fence every home has to be move-in ready today. Clean, updated, freshly painted, and manicured – Detail the home like you’d detail a car.

2   Selling Your Space.  Organize, edit and reduce every room, closet and storage area.  Simple room arrangements, sparse closets and personal belonging editing makes for a home that says “I’ve got plenty of room for all YOUR stuff!”

3  Tug at Heart Strings.  Create ambiance, emotion and showcase the character of the home with well thought out placement of sensory and lifestyle components.  From lovely container gardens, cozy fireside seating arrangements to vases of fresh flowers from the garden – Tell a story of the lifestyle the buyer will have in the home.

4     Live the Model Life.  All that elbow grease & updates have to be sustained during the selling phase.  Procure a cleaning service, consider dining-out, doggy day-care and maintain the “Model Home” look till the home is sold.

5     You’ve Got One Shot.  First impressions are lasting – From wonderful MLS Photos, perfectly coiffed marketing materials, well groomed exteriors and HGTV show worthy interiors - you’ve got one shot to make a lasting impression to your target market.


Julea Joseph of Reinventing Space has created her own recipe for success with her signature Interior Stylist Philosophy.  She helps you develop your style, celebrate your home and makes the most of what you already own.  Julea has been featured in countess articles in newspapers and magazines, HGTV’s “Decorating Cents,” “My First Place,” and array of Chicago TV, and even hosts two hometown cable Cooking & Decorating  shows. Over the past 13 years her expertise has extended to educational forums ranging from industry certification educator, library workshops to a Board of Realtors Instructor.  Follow more posts by Julea on Bob Vila Nation. #bobvila.
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