Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Art of Displaying Art

Art does not have to be found at a gallery or require a college degree to make the right selection. Instead, "Art" can be anything that pleases your eye and makes you smile. From trash to treasure finds to your own jewelry collection - ART can be anything.

When it comes to hanging art, there are many techniques that can inspire you - Here are a few:

This romantic room showcases a "Head Board" of unique and personal finds.

The white washed painting of the display items - vintage shutters, picture frames and mirrors, creates unity and connects all the pieces. The scale of the art collage makes for a great representation of the traditional head board too!  The use of personal items layered into the display softens and by centering the display on bed AND the night stand, adds just the right whimsy and a casual feel.

Hang it up with re-purposed vintage pant hangers
A simple vintage pant hanger makes for just the right prop to showcase photographs.  We could all picture the dapper gentleman, the subject of the photo, hanging up his trousers on those hangers. Don't be afraid to alter a photo to create a new look, repeat the photo for impact or use a unique hanging device.

Especially in a dining room, use art as a conversation maker
A dining room is your special place in your home to sit with family and friends and celebrate! This art display celebrates the space, showcases the scale of the room and expresses the style and personality of the homeowner.  The largest piece is the starter point of this display; note the smaller, yet darker framed/matted pieces are placed above the largest piece to bring the eye up and the entire collection is hung lower on the wall, since the viewers are most likely sitting, not standing in the space.

Wall sconces as object holder and art itself
Art need not be flat or hung with a nail.  In this display, the Art IS the sconces.  The secondary subject is the organic, from-the-sea finds.  The impact of many, the juxtaposition of the high gloss white painted sconces to the organic beach finds, makes for an interesting display. (Note how the less detailed sconces are hung above the more detailed ones...)
Adding color block back drops for an art collection (Photo: West Elm)
This clever wall display, which would be perfect above a couch, in a dining room focal wall or down a hall, showcases smaller art collections with a color block background.  The art or smaller pieces would be lost just hung on the wall or displayed in a curio.  But by making mini collections with the use of shelves and by painting the wall behind, makes this display fabulous.

Showcase your Jewelry Collection

Have you been collecting jewelry for years?  Why not display it as art? Use picture frames backed with cork, ribbon or wallpaper to display your favorite items.  From broaches to pearl strands, your jewelry can showcase as art!

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