Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

Wallpaper can create a room's personality.
Wallpaper is back and I am hopping on the band wagon! What a wonderful way to add texture, depth, personality or ambiance to a space. No longer to be abhorred and painted over - This little wall flower has come a long way and with technology and innovation is very easy to remove, can duplicate anything and is on the forefront of interior chic.

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With all the wallpaper buzz, the Interior Stylist Network had an educational field trip to a wallpaper store.  From beautiful patterns, to paper that removes if you are a renter, to elegant papers that have glass beads embedded on them.

Here are a few tips on working with wallpaper.

1)      Wallpaper can hide hideous paneling.  If the panel grooves aren’t too deep or wide, a simple liner can be applied first, followed by your wallpaper of choice. 
2)      If you are planning on redecorating a room – Pick the paper 1st, then choose a paint color.
As a headboard

3)      Always prime your walls before you paper . Painted walls are not an option! Shieldz® UniversalWallcovering Primer-Sealer. (Make sure you wait 1 day before papering.)
4)      If you are working with freshly painted walls, wait 7 days before you prime.
5)      Paper is no different than fabric.  Check the repeat to see how much you need.
6)      And just like fabric, there are commercial grade papers that have a higher durability factor as well as fire code protection.
7)      Never paste a pre-pasted paper.
Re-fresh a China hutch with wallpaper
8)  Consider papering a single focal wall, a niche, powder room or foyer if you have wallpaper fear.
9.) Wallpaper can be used to update a piece of furniture, line drawers, inside a China cabinet or as art
Upgrade a plain dresser with wallpaper

This cheeky paper is called "London Toile."

Super size your style in a tiny space.

Use Wallpaper as your Art for the wall

Great Wallpaper Sources:

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