Saturday, April 13, 2013

Selling Your Home? I don’t want to offend... but you don’t belong here - I do the Home Stager.

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Honestly, don’t be offended and don’t get emotional, but you don’t belong here anymore. We all know there is a perfect formula to selling a home and you are not part of the equation - but I am. From your basement crawl space stuffed with holiday decorations to your favorite purple hue you just adore in your master bedroom - when you are ready to sell it's time to remove you from your home.

I have been in the Home Staging business for 14 years, specializing in occupied homes rather than empty ones. Houses filled with people, complete with pets, kids and the whirl of our daily, crazy lives. I get it - I too have a house filled with just about the same stuff (well maybe not the purple bedroom). I am sensitive to understanding the emotional connection we have with our belongings and the place we call home. But if you want to sell your home, it all boils down to you and your stuff - No offense.

Here’s the bottom line, when you sell your home, there is a particular group of people that want to buy it.  Your Realtor and I will help make that determination. He/She does this for a living and is familiar with your demographics such as schools, transportation, affordability, floor plan and amenities. I know what people want and what makes your home desirable to someone. One of first questions I ask when walking through your door is “So, who’s buying your home?”

What does this group want?  They want to move into your home and not have to do a bunch of stuff. I promise they will not love your kitchen wallpaper, your purple bedroom, or Illini themed basement. They can not see past your overstuffed storage space, Mom's and your collection of Llardros or your cat box.

It’s my job to help you prep, paint and style your home so it is irresistible to that group. Can you do it on your own? Some can but not most. Most sellers are emotionally involved - what you think is great most likely needs to be tweaked. What you think is uncluttered is not, and guess what, I can smell your cat!  Pay the price and have a seasoned expert help you detail the most expensive thing you have ever owned. Build your sales team - You, Me and the Realtor. Our goal is to sell your home so you can go buy another one. Now let go and let me in.

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