Thursday, May 16, 2013

Style Your Patio - From Slab to Sensational!

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Don’t let your back sliding door be the end of your living spaces.  Now that a warmer season is upon us - your patio is the perfect muse for your decorating creativity, and a wonderful expansion to your home’s entertaining square footage. Give your patio a room makeover! There is a bevy of outdoor furnishings, textiles, accessories and lighting to create an ideal outdoor oasis.   With a little professional direction, a bit of creativity and shopping, and clues from your existing “inside” space, the incarnation of your new “living room” is easily fashioned.
  • Start with color. Whether a new palette or a twist from your interior hues – a designated set of colors will help you set a direction for your space, and make gathering your goods a breeze.
  • Anchor the space with a great outdoor rug. Create “walls” by using footed lanterns, screens, large potted plants, or benches. The walls will further help you define your space.
  • Set-up your outdoor room much like you would inside your home, using the same guidelines for flow, function and focal points.  Include all the comforts of home, such as throw pillows, ottomans, candles, art, and of course accessories.
  • Hang a mirror on one of your walls to reflect the beauty of your garden, fountain or focal point. Or use the mirror to mimic a doorway to another space.
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  • Introduce a water feature.  The fountain will add an element of calm with its sound, refresh the senses with its movement, and mask unwanted noise from nearby traffic or neighbors.
  • If your city code allows, add the element of fire with a chimenea, fire pit or fireplace. A fire element can be a hypnotic focal point to a patio space.
  • Add an array of exterior lighting.  From accent, chandeliers or floor lamps to strings of clear outdoor lights – lighting creates mood, and adds a festive feeling.

The use of stylish details can take a plain concrete outdoor space to a whole new level, transforming your patio from slab to sensational!


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