Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art on the Cheap DIY - Wallpaper and Walgreens

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Time constraints can be a gift.  It’s amazing what you can drum up when in a jam. I sometimes do my best thinking at four in the morning.   I had a busy day ahead, with client appointments mixed in with home staging shopping. As I mapped out my client/shopping route – I could not factor in a stop at a wallpaper store kind of far away. I needed a roll of wallpaper for some DIY art I was going to make using framed wallpaper. Buy a glassed frame, cut up the paper, stick it in the frame and WAYLA! - Sassy art.  My idea by creating my own was; I could control the size of the art, no lollygagging around shopping for a certain sized art - You control the size.

Tick Tock... I was stuck thinking about the out-of-reach wallpaper and then I got an idea…  What if I just printed off the wallpaper instead of driving to that store?  My mind started spinning and I remembered last time I was in Walgreens I noted they had these cool mega huge printers like fancy print shops. Out came my laptop, I signed into my Walgreens account and looked at my super size printing options.  I had the wallpaper print photo from my presentation design board, so I just uploaded the picture. Next, I just picked my size and ordered two 20"x30" posters. Lucky me, all large prints were 40% off. Cool - total cost $44.00! 

It took all of 5 minutes to complete the order. The prints were ready before I even headed out for the day and I just picked them up on my route! Two poster frames later and here are the results. 

This time, time was on my side.

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