Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Great Accessories - Tiered Serving Stands

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I speak often about 'Good Bone' accessories, who's look you can change out with ease.  Accessories that can be used in many ways, swapped or turned into something else and are fundamental pieces in your accessory collection. 

A few months ago, one of my clients was ready to give her kitchen island a fresh new look.  I suggested a tiered serving stand. They come in assorted styles, heights, materials and can be found on-line, in catalogs or at any retailer. These stands are perfect for endless display ideas. They can be used to house small items, display seasonal or hobby finds, or can sweep into service to display cookies, appetizers or more.

Here are a few ideas for displaying:

Home decorating tips

Gardening items in this wooden three tiered stand. Perfect for the gardening hobbyist.

accessories for the holidays

Christmas tinsel and glass ornaments make this stand ready for the holidays. I see it displayed on a foyer table.

Home entertaining tips. holiday

Ready for service. This cute wire stand is displayed with bagels and coffee. Just the right touch for a special breakfast or brunch.

Home bathroom decorating ideas.

For the bathing beauty. Tiered serving stand used for toiletries and soap.  The perfect thing for a visiting guest.

(Pictures collected from Pinterest)

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