Friday, February 28, 2014

You Had Me at Hello – Making That 1st Impression When Selling a Home

I've been helping people prepare and package their home now for 15 years as a home stager and stylist. Your home is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought, so if you are selling  – wouldn’t you want it to look its very best?  

The adage that you get one chance to make a 1st impression rings very loud and very clear when it comes to selling a home. There are simple, fundamental home staging guidelines to create a great impression that need to be applied. This sage advice is not revolutionary. It will cost you either a bit of elbow grease or maybe some cash, but if you choose not to follow this advice, your competition gets the edge.

But here’s the catch, it’s just not one chance – It’s four that you need to pull off to get them to start falling in love with your home.

#1. The Virtual Invitation:   Today’s buyers are not driving around looking for FOR SALE signs, they’re looking on-line and if the MLS photos don’t cut the mustard, they’re not picking up the phone to book an appointment. 
Chicago Home Staging Tips, Ideas
(Source - Reinventing Space)

 #2. Drive-Up Curb Appeal:  If the outside looks great, they’ll want to see the inside. Well marked house numbers, nicely lit in the evening, a maintained home with groomed landscaping, walkways and added annuals makes for a great introduction.

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(Source TOH)

#3. Time on the Stoop:  As your Realtor is retrieving the key, your potential buyers are inspecting the stoop.  A front door in its prime, a new, substantial door mat, cleaned or replaced porch lighting, a working door bell and a nice container garden or potted plant sets the stoop stage.

Chicagoland, Chicago Home Staging Tips, Ideas
(Source BHG)

#4.  A Stellar Entry:  Your foyer or entry is your home’s hostess.  Create a warm welcome with an entry table set with a vase of fresh flowers, two bowls – one for Realtor cards, the other wrapped candies and your agent's listing information so that the potential buyers can pick it up and have it at the beginning of the tour.  A stool or chair for easy shoe removal and a boot tray or rug for placement reminds guests that your well maintained home is viewed in socks.

Home Staging Tips, For Sale, Styling
(Source LUSH)

These are just a few home staging tips we offer at Reinventing Space.  First impressions make a lasting impact on potential buyers and set the stage for the rest of the home.  Make sure you have them at Hello.

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