Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holiday Home: Start Your Amaryllis Bulbs Now For Christmas Blooms!

Holiday Home
Amaryllis Centerpiece (photo: Country Living)
If you want to have some beautiful Amaryllis blooms for this year's Christmas season, start growing them now. I love having fresh or live floral in my home rather than silk or faux. These little wonders which are easy to grow - pack a huge decorative punch and create just the right ambiance for a beautifully dressed holiday home. 
You can buy Amaryllis bulbs in a nice little kit, complete with soil and a pot, or if you have just a bit of a green thumb - buy loose bulbs which you can plant collectively in a large vase or bowl.  You can purchase the kits at any home improvement store and bulbs at a garden center.  A collection of bulbs will create a lovely centerpiece or entry statement maker. A single bloom is lovely on a counter, mantle or part of a tablescape. When to start? Below is a planting and bloom guide to help you determine when to get indoor gardening.
Holiday Home
Amaryllis Bloom Chart (photo: Source)
I added a few more pictures to get you inspired to get a bit of dirt under your nails and celebrate the season with Amaryllis. I too started a Pin Board on Pinterest with more ideas: AMARYLLIS CHRISTMAS

Holiday Home
Amaryllis Tablescape (photo: Southern Living)
Holiday Home
Amaryllis in Mercury Glass Vase (photo: BH&G)

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