Sunday, March 27, 2016

DESIGN to SELL: Vacant to HOME

Vacant homes don't show well.  Whether they are old, new, renewed, renovated or in great shape, they sit an average of 166 days empty. Staged, they sell in a month or less. WHY? Because people buy homes that speak to their hearts. A potential buyers doesn't look at a living room and say, yes, I would like to buy this home because the room is 14x19'.  They want to walk into a space and see themselves living there - People buy homes because they fall in love with them. They want a story of HOME.

Here's a cute house that we took from vacant to home.

By staging a vacant home, you create a guideline of how the home can be used and celebrated.  From furniture layout, function to styling - A potential buyer becomes part of the story and see themselves in the home - They become part of the story of HOME.
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