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Julea Joseph

Julea Joseph
Hello - I'm Julea


A stylish home shouldn't be out of your reach or cost you a fortune. From entertaining to decorating, home should be celebrated and your special place in this busy world. Join me on my adventures to enhance, celebrate and appreciate all things home.


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An Eco-Chic Makeover - Celebrate Earth Day by Shopping in Your Own Home

It’s now chic to be frugal. It’s cool to conserve and you’re a total faux paus to even consider throwing it all out and starting over.

April 22 is Earth day and I think it’s just awesome that we’re collectively re-educating ourselves on how to be a bit more GREEN. But when it comes to making your home interiors beautiful, how do you following the emerald trail, and make Mother Nature proud?

Simple, you use what you already have!

  • A Room Re-Arrange – Give your spaces a fresh new look with a new room arrangement. As the season changes, so should your interiors. A change in your room’s foot print is a great way to revitalize your space. Take it a step further and switch out some of your furniture and accessories too. Swap out your dark wood side tables for those glass and metal ones from another room, or give your room a seasonal focal point by re-arranging the furniture to face your picture window rather than the fireplace.
  • Re-Move or Rotate – Sometimes by just removing or rotating your belongings, your room will have a fresh new look. I call it “archiving.” Too many family photos, a collection that has been you curio forever, or flower arrangements that have seen better days – Remove, or rotate them. Perhaps that collection can be swapped with another, or the family photos can be scatted around the home in smaller numbers, or the floral arrangement can be rejuvenated.
  • Rejuvenate Exisiting Things – Reinvent that tired floral arrangement by giving it a second life. Gather all your florals and stored stem and give them “re-do” by swapping stems, containers and greenery. That old dresser can be repurposed into an entry piece or dining buffet by reviving it with a fresh coat of paint, knobs and a great tassel attached to one of the drawers. A stale lamp can be given a new light with a new sassy shade, a new harp, or a nifty specialty finial. A favorite print can be re-matted and framed in a style or color.
  • Reupholster or Slipcover – That much loved old couch, side chair or settee which most likely has great bones and could use a shot of Botox with a stylish new fabric, and plump new cushions. Older pieces were sure built well, so if you’ve inherited a great arm chair or couch – It’s in your best interest to have it reupholstered or slip covered. Although a bit costly, it is a far cheaper design method than investing in an expensive high-end sofa which could run you thousands. The upside is you can do custom detailing such as nail heads or more than one slipcover - Which will give you a couture look.


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